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4″ metal wire alligator clamp with ceramic, porcelain and glass beads.

(The teeth on the clamp will be filled down so it will not puncture your roach.)

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The purpose of the Kaya Clip is to hold your joint or blunt once it gets down to the very end (roach) so you don’t burn your finger tips. Keep in mind they work best with a joint/blunt with a crutch or mouth piece but can be just as effective without. Kaya Clips also come in handy when smoking with another person or in a session because it can be used for easy passing.

Each 4” and 6” Kaya Clip is handmade and due to the nature of this, products may vary slightly from the listing photograph. Colors can be slightly off due to your monitor/screen. Your order will be very similar to the item listed in terms of colors, materials, and overall design.

We’re happy to create any custom products. Send us a message and we will be happy to work with you.

Your product will ship via USPS within 3-5 business days after purchase.

Your Kaya Clip will be protected in a velvet drawstring pouch, with the exception of clips with bigger beads, such as crystals or glass.

Kaya clips are not toys. No young child should ever be left unattended with any of these items, as small parts may become loose & pose a choking hazard. Great care is taken to ensure that they remain sturdy & durable, however, excessive force may weaken the beading wire/loosen metal components & cause these items to break. Loose beads/findings/small parts pose a choking hazard.


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